The clientele at Murray’s studios ran the gamut from Broadway entertainers to high-brow socialites. The subjects of this collection represent both ends of that spectrum. Murray’s heirs found the negatives they inherited neatly tucked into individual manila sleeves. Handwriting on these sleeves gave clues to the negative’s subjects, many being clearly marked with the subjects name. But a large portion were unidentified, labeled simply as “Miss America,” “White Sisters” or some similar brief description. Others still were identified with the subject’s name, but the faces behind the names are long forgotten, unknown even to internet searches.

The collection has been indexed, categorized as best as possible, and put into the galleries listed below. If you’re able to shed light on any of the unidentified or unknown subjects, we’d appreciate your contacting us at

Author’s note: The task of categorizing and building the galleries is ongoing. The identity of some “unidentified” and “unknown” subjects is being clarified and there are approximately 200 images yet to be included. You’ll also note that the images do not have captions. As time allows, the subject’s names will be incorporated with their images.

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