Below is an index of the subjects/clients (with their occupation and date of birth/death) who appear in the various galleries. As of now the names are not linked to their corresponding image(s).

Adele Jergens, actress, 1917-2002
Anabella, actress, 1907-1996
Anatole, unknown
Anita Manville, dancer, 1914-1993
Anne Bancroft, actress, 1931-2005
Ann Corio, burlesque, ecdysiast and actress, 1909-1999
Ann Miller, dancer, singer and actress, 1923-2004
Artie Shaw, clarinetist, composer, and bandleader, 1910-2004
Barbara Loden, actress, 1932-1980
Barbara Blaine, dancer/burlesque
Baroness Eva Von Blixen Finecke, British sportswoman and air enthusiast
Bea Lillie, actress and comedic performer, 1894-1989
Benny Davis, vaudeville performer and song writer, 1895-1979
Benny Fields, singer, 1894-1959
Bess Mulligan, unknown
Betty Brosmer, model and author, 1935-
Betty Furness, actress, consumer advocate and current affairs commentator, 1916-1994
Betty Grable
, actress, 1916-1973
Betty Greenwood, unknown
Betty Hutton, actress, comedienne and singer, 1921-2007
Billy Vine, actor, 1915-1958
Bing Crosby, singer and actor, 1903-1977
Bob Hope, comedian, vaudevillian, actor, singer, 1903-2003
Bobo Rockefeller, actress, 1916-2008
Buddy Ebsen, actor, 1908-2003
Buddy Hackett (family), comedian and actor, 1924-2003
Carmen Amaya, flamenco dancer, 1918-1963
Charles Barnet, jazz saxophonist, composer, and bandleader, 1913-1991
Charles “Slim” Timblin, actor
Choo Choo Collins, actress and singer
Christine Ayers, burlesque dancer
Cindy Adams,  gossip columnist and writer, 1930
Claire Luce, stage and screen actress, and dancer, 1903-1989
Cobina Wright, opera singer and actress, 1887-1970
Constance Dowling, model and actress, 1920-1969
Corbett Monica, comedian, 1930-1998
Dagmar, actress, 1922-2001
Danny Kaye, actor, singer, dancer, and comedian, 1911-1987
D’amico, unknown
Dick Haymes, actor and singer, 1918-1980
Dorothy Kilgallen, journalist and television game show panelist, 1913-1965
Earl Lindsay Girls, producer of vaudeville’s Earl Lindsay’s Victory Revue
Ed Sullivan, television personality, sports and entertainment reporter, and syndicated columnist, 1901-1974
Eileen Barton, singer, 1924-2006
Eleanor Holm, competition swimmer and Olympic gold medalist. 1913-2004
Eleanor Kilgallen, casting agent, actress and sister of Dorothy Kilgallen
Eleanor Powell, actress and dancer, 1912-1982
Ella Raines, actress, 1920-1988
Ethel Merman, actress and singer, 1908-1984
Eva Gabor, actress, 1919-1995
Eva Von Blixen Finecke, wife of Swedish baron Baron Bror Fredrik von Blixen-Finecke
Eve Arden, actress, 1908-1990
Evelyn Greaves, actress and singer
Evelyn West, burlesque legend, 1921-2004
Fanny Brice, comedian, singer, theater and film actress, 1891-1951
Fay Harlow, unknown
Fifi D’Orsay, actress, 1904-1983
Frances Langford, singer and entertainer, 1913-2005
Frank Gallop, radio and television personality, 1900-1988
Fred Robbins, broadcaster/radio personality, 1919-1992
Gay Hess, dancer/choreographer
Gene Baylos, nightclub comedian, 1906-2005
George Dewitt, singer and comedian, 1922-1979
George Jessel, actor, singer, songwriter, and producer, 1898-1981
Grace Barrie, Ziegfeld Follies singer
Gracie Fields, actress, singer and comedienne, 1898-1979
Gretchen Wyler, actress, 1932-2007
Gwen Verdon, actress and dancer, 1925-2000
Gypsy Rose Lee, burlesque entertainer, 1911-1970
Happy Felton, actor, 1907-1964
Helen Kane, singer, 1904-1966
Hildegarde Loretta Sell, singer, 1906-2005
Ilona Massey, actress and singer, 1910-1974
Ina Ray Hutton, bandleader, vocalist and performer, 1916-1984
Isabelle Dicks, unknown
Isham Jones, bandleader, saxophonist, bassist and songwriter, 1894-1956
Irving Mansfield, producer/writer, 1908-1988
Jack Benny, comedian, vaudevillian, radio, television, and film actor, and violinist, 1894-1974
Jack Eigen, actor, 1913-1983
Jack Healy, actor, 1904-1972
Jack Raskin, unknown
Jackie Gleason, comedian, actor and musician, 1916-1987
Jadine Wong, singer, dancer, and comedian, 1913-2010
Jan Dobbins, unknown
Jan TIffany, burlesque dancer, stripper and model
Jane Greer, actress, 1924-2001
Jane Pickens, singer, 1908-1992
Jay Flippen, actor, 1899-1971
Jaye P. Morgan, singer, actress and game show panelist, 1931
J.C. Flippen, actor, 1899-1971
Jean and her Genie, unknown
Jean Arthur, actress, 1900-1991
Jean Darling, actress, 1922-
Jennifer Jones, actress, 1919-2009
Jo-Carroll Dennison, Miss America 1942 and actress, 1923
Joan Newton, actress, 1922
Joan Myles, actress, 1921-
Joe Frisco, vaudeville performer, 1889-1958
Joe Howard, vaudeville performer, 1867-1961
John Barrymore, actor of stage, screen and radio, 1882-1942
Johnny Roventini, actor, 1910-1998
Josephine Johnson
, novelist, poet, and essayist, 1910-1990
Jose & Mona, unknown
Joy Teal, unknown
Joyce Adams, actress
Joyce Matthews, actress, 1919-1999
Julia Meade, actress, 1928
Julian Meltinger, unknown
Julie Newmar, actress, dancer and singer, 1933
Julie Wilson, singer and actress, 1924
June Taylor, 1917-2004, choreographer
Karen Allen, unknown
Kathryn Cassey, unknown
Kay Aldridge, actress, 1917-1995
Kono, unknown
Larry Clinton, musician- trumpet, trombone, and clarinet, 1909-1985
Lee Mortimer, newspaper columnist, 1904-1963
Lee Shubert, theatre owner/operator and producer, 1871-1953
Lillian Rogers, unknown
Lily Christine, dancer, 1923-1965
Lilo, actress, 1925
Loretta Young, actress, 1913-2000
Lotus Joy, unknown
Louis Prima, singer, actor and trumpeter, 1910-1978
Louis Sobol, journalist, 1896-1986
Lucy Monroe, singer, ?-1987
Lynn Mari, unknown
Machito, unknown
Mara & Joe, unknown
Margie Hart, New York City stripteaser, 1913-2000
Mariana, unknown
Marilyn Fields, unknown
Marion Mitchell, unknown
Marjorie Beeler, New York City stripteaser, 1913-2000
Mark Hellinger, journalist, theatre columnist and film producer, 1903-1947
Martha Kay, unknown
Marry Alice Bingham, dancer
Mary Bradwell, unknown
Mary Healy, actress, singer, and variety entertainer, 1918-
Mary Joan, unknown
Mary Martin, actress, 1913-1990
Mischa Auer, actor, 1905-1967
Miss Turner, unknown
Miss Paris, unknown
Mitchell & Durant, vaudeville comedy team of Frank Mitchell and Jack Durant, 1905-1991 & 1905-1984
Mitsuko Moragai, actress, 1920-2012
Monica Lewis, jazz artist and film, 1922
Mr. Dupont, unknown
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Baylos
Mr. Markeson, “Hearst publication 1/52”?, unknown
Mrs Oscar Hammerstein II
Sherry Cohen, wife of actor, Buddy Hackett (2 images show wife with 2 children)
Mrs. Tommy Manville, wife of socialite Tommy Manville
Murray Korman, photographer
Nadine Gae, actress
Nathan Satro, photographer’s brother-in-law
Nellie Lutcher, R&B and jazz singer and pianist, 1912-2007
Nevada Smith, unknown
Nick Kenny, actor and producer, 1895-1975
Noel Toy, unknown
Pamela Devorne, unknown
Pat Farrell, actress and wife of Murray Korman
Pat Henning, actor and comedian, 1908-1973
Pat Ward, unknown
Pat Wilder, actress, 1913-1995
Patsy Ginger Johnson, burlesque
Peggy Lee, singer, songwriter, composer and actress, 1920-2002
Penny Davidson, unknown
Phil Harris, singer, songwriter, jazz musician, actor, and comedian, 1904-1995
Red Nervo, unknown
Rita Constant, unknown
Rita Josephs, unknown
Rita Powers, unknown
Roma Page, unknown
Ruby Keeler, actress, dancer and singer, 1910-1993
Ruth Webb, talent agent, 1918-2006
Sally Rand, burlesque dancer and actress, 1904-1979
Sally Satro, Murray Korman’s niece
Sally Sweet, unknown
Serge Rubinstein, Russian business man, 1897-1955
Shelly Winters, actress, 1920-2006
Sherry North, actress, dancer, and singer, 1932-2005
Soraya Murat Somay, unknown
Steve Timblin, unknown
Stewart Foster, actor, 1918-1968
Teal Joy, singer
Ted Healey, vaudeville performer, comedian, and actor, 1896-1937
Teddy Wilson, jazz pianist, 1912-1986
Thelma White, actress, 1910-2005
Torero, unknown
Vant Scheack, unknown
Vera Allen, actress & dancer, 1921-1981
Vera Zorina, Norwegian ballerina, musical theatre actress and choreographer, 1917-2003
Virginia Graham, talk show host, 1912-1998
Virginia Mayo, actress, 1920-2005
Virginia Wilson, actress, 1921-1997
Vivian Vance, television and theater actress and singer, 1909-1979
Will Mahoney, actor, 1894-1967
Zorita, unknown

Piels Beer
Phillip Morris Tobacco